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My answer for quiz is right but it appears not correct



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    Chris Udacity Community Team
    Conversation starter

    Glad you contacted us with your issue.
    We would love to give you the best support but as you know our support team can help you with questions about program-specific topics including deadlines, program policies, and your overall student journey at Udacity, we are unable to help with technical questions about the program content. 
    For these questions, it’s best to post them directly on the FWD Community to find the answer to your question or post your question over there where you will find lots of support from your colleagues and the tutors. If your questions are related to the Freelancing content, you can know how to get assistance by checking this topic.
    You can learn how to use the FWD Community from here or by watching this video.
    In case you have any more questions, you can check our FAQs or contact us again!

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