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    Shivani Udacity Community Team
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    Hi Mohammed Hesham, I have checked our database, and I regret to inform you that you are not eligible to receive a certificate as you did not score the minimum required percentage in the final assessment which is a key requirement in order to receive your certificate. 

    Kindly note that you had 3 attempts to take the final assessment within 2 months from your enrollment day, as per the rules of the scholarship and as per the instructions. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do now as you have used all of your attempts.

    Please do not let this affect you in any negative way, your participation has provided you with the fundamental knowledge you needed in your specialization and helped you to build up your community with colleagues who share the same passion for learning. You are more than welcome to start another learning journey with us. You can take your knowledge a step further through one of our Nanodegree programs or through any of the unlimited free resources available to you online. You can also start a new learning journey in a new specialization.

    In case you have any more questions, you can check our FAQs or contact us again! Thank you for understanding and best of luck with your future studies.


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